Posted on Monday, September 14th, 2009 at 10:25 pm

“If the day ever comes when my work may be categorized, that will be the day I start in search of something more challenging, for my ultimate goal is to be constantly evolving as an artist and by so doing bringing life to unique and emotive creations.”

Aaron K. Radelow has dedicated himself to becoming one of the most dynamic and versatile custom furniture makers in America today. For the past fifteen years, Aaron has been hand producing original designs and masterful re-creations in his native San Diego, California. His diverse portfolio of work includes everything from Queen Anne dressing tables and Byzantine hand-carved gates, to rustic Morris chairs. Unlike many of his contemporaries, outsourcing of process steps, such as metalwork is limited to ensure that the style and method of design and construction is held to the very highest standards of quality – an aspect of his ethic that establishes him not only as a master craftsman, but also as an artist.

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