My Client Did Not Know What A Furniture Tenon Is…

Posted on Friday, August 21st, 2015 at 2:15 pm

LOOK—My First YouTube Video!

I just got a GoPro camera for my hike on Mount Whitney two weeks ago, and decided to create my first woodworking video. It has taken a bit of study to learn the functions of the GoPro, and how to use iMovie.

Picking a subject for a video can be a hurdle, as there are so many things I could video about my work. Ironically, to learn how to use the GoPro, iMovie, and how to create an interesting video, is found on YouTube.

A repair and restoration project is currently ‘on-the-bench.’ I decided the best approach to my first online video is to educate. I explained to the client why her dining chairs fell apart. She could not understand my verbal explanation between dowels and tenons. So enjoy my first video on tenons! This video turned out like my first piece of furniture, so…

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