Marquetry is Aaron’s chosen field. Marquetry refers to a group of artistic techniques, whereby designs are cut from sheets of veneer with a jeweler’s saw-blade, along rectilinear or curvilinear designs. With the pieces assembled, they are then applied onto, or inlayed to wood substrates. These wood substrates can be anything from: flooring, wall panels, to furnishings. Most anything can be a canvas for the marqueter.

Marquetry techniques can be extremely complicated and as diverse, but offer the greatest decorative possibilities. Only the art of marquetry allows the artist to paint near picture-perfect designs in the medium of wood.

Marquetry designs traditionally incorporate elements of nature, or scenes from nature. Practically any motif the imagination can conceive, is possible to create through marquetry. Marquetry designs may also incorporate various materials, to create special affects. While the most commonly used materials are color-contrasting woods, materials such as: metal, tortoise shell, ivory, cow horn, mother of pearl, and stone, may also be used. Generally, the veneers used in a design are usually between 1 mm and 2 mm in thickness.

Furthermore, to achieve the ultimate desired effect, sand shading will bring much added depth and life to any marquetry piece when done properly. Aaron Radelow can saw veneers to match thickness and color for antique restorations.

The very finest furniture in the history of civilization has been clad in exotic veneers; due to their versatility, extravagance, and beauty.