On any quality piece of furniture, the finish serves as the final signature of the craftsman. Finishes protect and visually enhance what lies beneath. It is the true artist’s meticulous attention to details that is required to expertly apply the finish and create a piece of consummate quality. High-quality finishes are an incredibly time consuming endeavor. The French polish for Aaron’s copy of the Gole table (ivory and horn) took two people approximately sixty hours! Regardless of the style of home for which a piece is being designed, there is an accompanying finish that can create a synergistic union. There are many types of finish, some finishes may take as many as twenty steps to complete, and some may require only two.

Finishes include: high-gloss polished lacquer, satin lacquer, waxes, oils, shellac, varnish, urethane enamel; grain fillers, toners, stains, dyes, glazes, tints; and French polishing.