Museums around the world display extremely elaborate and sophisticated furniture. Each piece is comprised of many complex construction facets, each facet required the adroitness of a specialized Master Craftsman. The preparation of materials for exalted furnishings are time consuming and daunting tasks; and are very specialized fields.

Aaron Radelow has accomplishment and experience in many skills, some of which are listed at the top of this page. Within each of these trades, there can be several dozen sub-categories. In addition to Aaron’s experience, he also has access to the J. Paul Getty Museum’s library, a very rich arsenal of knowledge from which to pull; he also has a great many books, colleagues, and friends with which to consult.

When all the trades described herein are brought to bear onto a single piece of furniture, this, and only this, can be the very finest man can create.

“The complexities and elaborateness of a project is limited by: time, money, and most importantly… desire.”

Aaron Radelow