Getting Started


The Process: Getting Started; from Concept to Completion.

All phases of the process vary depending on the complexity of the piece.

Discovery-this is where we meet to discuss the concept or piece you would like to commission. Consider materials, review samples of work or styles you are hoping to achieve.
(A photograph is worth a thousand words.)

Planning-this phase is where we plan out the conceptual thoughts to paper. A series of designs are drafted to display the vision of the piece. Materials are tentatively assigned for placement.

Contractual Agreement-this phase is where the agreement is drafted for the estimation of the commission piece. Once this process is complete the design phase can begin. Most agreements require a material cost of 60% upfront payment for the project to begin.

Design-this phase is where the final creation of the piece is drafted and approved by all parties. This step is critical to the success of the project. Sizes, materials and finishes are determined, finalized, and approved.
(Any changes beyond this point will add to the original contracted price.)

Production-this phase is where the piece is created. Cut-lists are developed and materials undergo the processes of becoming finished components ready for assembly. Wood finish samples are sent during this phase for the client’s review and approval . Once the finishes are approved the next phase can begin.

Finishing-this phase the piece undergoes final sanding, and where the selected and approved wood finishes are applied.

Delivery-this is the final step in the process. Delivery or freight costs are determined by travel time, distance and weight.