Kaya Entryway

Susan Spath Hegedus of Kurn & Co. was building a new home in the Tuscan style. Susan presented Aaron with an antique Italian door, and requested him to re-create all the intricate design details of the carvings and moldings into a new entryway. A central piece was missing on the original door, in its place Aaron carved four rosettes; originally carved in stone by Fillip Brunelleschi (1377-1446) for the Baptistry in Parma, Italy. Blacksmith Phil Ewing created the ironwork over coal-forge and anvil. There is no welding in any of the ironwork, each piece is held together by way of collars, tenons, and rivets.

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H: 108” x W: 144”

Quarter sawn African mahogany (kaya); solid brass hardware, and coal-forged ironwork.

Private Residence
Del Mar, California