Before And After Pictures Of A Dresser Make Over DIY

Posted on Saturday, August 15th, 2015 at 5:38 pm

From time to time, I am presented with a project to alter the appearance of an existing furniture piece. The interior designer or client has a piece that is of good quality, has memories attached to it, and they want it spruced up to fit into their current updated home decor.

So was the case with a little girl’s Kermit the Frog dresser. The little girl was now a young woman, and wanted a more sophisticated looking dresser than the current lime green, with pink pull knobs.

The interior design firm Ramsey Engler Ltd. of Minneapolis, has worked with me on several projects over the years.

This time they needed to give an outdated, but well-made, dresser a major facelift.

First on the list was to create a toe-kick to lift it off the ground four inches. Ramsey Engler Ltd. then sent me a design pattern to ‘wrap’ the piece in. They wanted a white catalyzed varnish base, with a geometric motif pattern using a frisket film. This is something I learned watching the Hot Rod shows on TV.

The film comes in different widths with adhesive on one side. It is applied to the cured painted surface, now the artiste can draw a pattern onto the frisket film. Portions are cut out using an X-Acto knife, these sections are removed to receive the additional colors. In this case, metallic silver paint was applied. After this was dry, a glaze varnish was applied.

Below are the photos showing the dramatic results. An old piece made new.

before and after

dresser_radelow1._0006_Layer 1

dresser_radelow1._0001_Layer 6

dresser_radelow1._0005_Layer 2

dresser lime greenradelow_final_dresser

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